My name is Vanessa Mulcay. I am a mum to two children under the age of 10 and wife to a FIFO husband. All my life I have loved everything spiritual, mystical and supernatural and at the age of 12 I naturally gravitated towards the pagan way of life.

For over 10 years I worked in a male dominated mining industry and in 2011 my partner and I made the huge decision to leave Kalgoorlie and move to Perth. We got married that year and soon thereafter I was pregnant with my first child. A boy. Instead of returning to FIFO work I chose to dedicate my time to my children.

While pregnant with my son I naturally found myself signing up for a Reiki level 1 course at a store called Yes 2 Life! in 2012. From that moment on I was soaking up the pregnancy yoga classes nearby and on a whole new whirlwind discovery of the Spiritual side that Perth had to offer that Kalgoorlie could not.

I spent my time as a mum to my son and the other part of me as mum to many abandoned animals, volunteering and working in local Rescues in nearby suburbs helping cats, dogs, rabbits and native birds in need until in 2015 my daughter was born. With my two children by my side I began to learn the human impacts we have on our very own planet and embarked on living Zero Waste and Plastic free for the sake of our Earth and that of the future of my children and all the other inhabitants affected by our consumerism and wasteful habits. Having children was the realization that one day they would inherit this Earth and what would we be leaving them if we continued to live the way we were.

Spiritually I was still continually learning and healing parts of myself through beautiful meditation classes, shamanic courses and women’s circles. I obtained my level two and Reiki Masters certificates. And also became a qualified Crystal Attunement Healing Master. I was also inspired to start my Art journey by painting Animal portraits and became a published illustrator for a children’s book. And I still continue my Art to this day.

On my journey I have met and was inspired by many beautiful and supportive women running their own businesses. Many whom are now lifelong friends and mentors who love and support me as I journey deeper into parts of myself and discovery who I am. These beautiful women inspired me to start my own business.

A business that I love, that I can work around my family commitments so that I can be there for the Merit certificate assemblies, the parent help days, the excursions and family days. And knowing how they have helped inspire me, how they love who I am. I am inspired to share my story with the world to help others achieve the life they love as well. To heal from traumas, find confidence in themselves again, to love themselves again fully with every fiber of their being.

Having a job, I love is a right and not a privilege. I wake up happy and fulfilled every day and I want others to feel the same.