Moon Maiden

Moon Maiden

Thursday 8th April, 2021


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With Roses, Jasmine and ivy hair flowing down her back. The beautiful young Moon maiden feels her power and her worthiness in every aspect of her glow. She stands in her power, yet is gentle and soft as well, just like the Rose. She doesn’t give up just like Ivy that always finds a way and sits in her feminine like the Jasmine flower. The peaceful white Dove her symbol and one of the many animals associated with the moon flies towards her Goddess, in the night sky.

The beginning of my Goddess Reborn Series was inspired by all the Goddesses. Women. Female archetypes throughout history whose voice has been lost in the shadows. This series beginning with the Moon maiden aspires to rebirth what history thought was lost. And to inspire all women to stand up, rise up and be the Goddess that they are.

Acrylic paint, upcycled frame. Measuring 67cm x 47cm.
Painted and infused with gentle Reiki energy by Queen of SHE.

This piece has been lovingly upcycled using an existing picture frame. keeping one item out of landfill at a time. The Earth thanks you.

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Dimensions 47 × 67 cm

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