Intuitive Crystal Reiki

At Queen of SHE I run a 30 minute or 1hr sessions utilizing my own personal modality Intuitive Crystal Reiki. A one of a kind modality that I designed using the beautiful calming and healing energies of Reiki, Crystal Attunement Healing aspects of crystal grids, their individual properties and symbols while connecting into the intuitive world to receive personal messages from guides, angels and animal spirits while using shamanic energy bodywork to assess, receive messages, clear blockages and harmonize the four aspects of the human body the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

Increasing relaxation & improves sleep

Restores inner peace and Harmony

Reduces pain

Realigns the chakras

Fosters living in the present

Assists in recovery from surgery or illness

Crystal Attunement Healing Chakra Balancing

This is a 30-minute session where I place the client in a crystal grid, along with attuned crystals along or on their body. Infusing special symbols to realign their chakras to harmonize and balance the clients emotional, physical, mental and auric body.

Can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the client.

Reduces stress and encourages relaxation

Balances the four bodies (emotional, physical, mental and spiritual).

Treats physical pain and symptoms of disease.

Enhances meditation, divine connection and enhances spiritual practice.

Encourages self-love, compassion and personal healing.

Intuitive Heart Women’s Circle

A two hour journey every Wednesday starting April 28th 2020 from 9:30am till 11:30am and fortnightly thereafter at Elevated-Mind, Body and Soul in Mount Nasura. Where women can come together to tell their stories. Feel safe and held. Discover who they are through Art, Journaling, music and more.

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